Bicoll © Kai Lamottke
Bicoll © Kai Lamottke

EpimiRNA at epiXchange Conference

In 2018, EpimiRNA partners worked hand-in-hand with six other FP7-funded large collaborative projects (EpiTarget, Desire, EpiSTOP, Epixchange, Epicare and EpiPGX) to disseminate its project results and promote a future research agenda for epilepsy.

A major event - undefinedepiXchange Conference 2018  brought together the excellence of epilepsy research in Brussels on 23rd May 2018.

All presentations given, as well as the full life-stream of the conference are available undefinedhere

EpimiRNA project partners delivered 4 speeches:

- MicroRNA as biomarkers of epilepsy and status epilepticus" - F. Rosenow

- Genetic variation in microRNAs and their targets in epilepsy" - I. Lopes-Cendes

- MicroRNAs as target for seizure control and disease-modification" - D. Henshall

- Multi-omic atlas of functional microRNA for epilepsy" - A. Ahonen-Bishopp










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