Bicoll © Kai Lamottke
Bicoll © Kai Lamottke

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Dr. Kai Lamottke

Principal Investigator

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Bicoll GmbH

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EpimiRNA Team Bicoll


From left to right: Kai Lamottke, Nicole Feling, Christian Haug

Dr. Nicole Feling

Natural product chemist


Dr. Christian Haug

Organic synthetic chemist

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Company presentation

BICOLL is the lead for WP9 entitled “New Chemicals Entities against Epilepsy”. As the leader of WP9, the biopharmaceutical company, offering pre-clinical support in the area of drug discovery from natural products and medicinal chemistry, will contribute to identify active natural compounds from plants as well as chemical tools for screening and potential lead candidates for the further evaluation for anticonvulsant or anti-epileptogenic properties.

BICOLL will drive this first-ever large-scale approach in epilepsy research with its effective technology of fractionated plant extracts, called Profiles™. BICOLL's plant Profiles™ are a fast-track validation tool for any small molecule screening program. It gives partners the opportunity to obtain essential target validation data in animal model(s) with an unprecedented rapidity.[1] In parallel the unique technology enables rapid and reliable in vivo target validation studies for the tobe established screening systems.


BICOLL is also tasked to support the consortium with its medicinal chemistry competence once small molecules are identified. With outstanding expertise in high tech natural product chemistry and validated experience in medicinal chemistry, BICOLL increases quality and quantity of the project’s drug discovery process. With further innovative strategies supported by its proprietary technology platform, BICOLL is able to select rapidly only the best leads with superior drug-like profiles for the further development cycles. Subsequent medicinal chemistry and custom synthesis complete BICOLL’s seamless substantial services for the global pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

BICOLL was founded in 2001, with bases in Europe and China. BICOLL’s business model includes discovery and provision of natural resources (Asian plant species) along with highly innovative technology. Its novel approach includes delivering pre-selected, pre-purified natural products for drug discovery purposes.

Indeed, BICOLL’s considerable assets provide a strong competitive advantage compared to other potential drug discovery programs that are mainly based on screening of (known) synthetic libraries of very simple molecules that are characterized by suboptimal diversity and insufficient physical and metabolic stabilities. BICOLL provides access to compounds able to be screened quickly in biochemical and biological assays. BICOLL’s expertise in medicinal chemistry combined with small molecules from Asian Plants is now recognized as the most successful starting point for prescribed drugs and this is provided to EpimiRNA for the establishment and development of the screening platform in WP9. Its technology platform delivers the pre-purified plant extracts, which have proven their broad application range by successful use in biochemical assays (e.g. GPCRs, Kinases, nuclear receptors), whole cell tests (e.g. cancer cells), and even whole organisms (e.g. plants, fungi, bird embryos). BICOLL has previously demonstrated effective delivery of active compounds either from natural compounds or chemistry approaches [1] and has worked for institutions, companies, and universities.


[1] "The Identification of Naturally Occurring Neoruscogenin as a Bioavailable, Potent and High-Affinity Agonist of the Nuclear Receptor RORα (NR1F1)" S. Helleboid, C. Haug, K. Lamottke, Y. Zhou, J. Wei, S. Daix, L. Cambula, G. Rigou, D. W. Hum, R. Walczak, Journal of Biomolecular Screening, 2014, 19, 399-406; first published on July 29, 2013, DOI: 10.1177/1087057113497095.

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