Bicoll © Kai Lamottke
Bicoll © Kai Lamottke

Workpackage 1: MicroRNA signature of experimental epileptogenesis

  • Workpackage leader
    undefinedProf David Henshall
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  • Objectives of the Workpackage
    This workpackage involving scientists at RCSI (D. Henshall), University of Verona (P. Fabene) and Philipps University (F. Rosenow) will identify microRNA changes over time common to three popular experimental models of epilepsy. The function of these microRNAs will be determined by analyzing the contents of the RNA-induced silencing complex (the protein machinery in which the microRNA finds its target) and cell proteins. This will involve experts in small RNA chemistry at Aarhus University (J. Kjems) and proteomics at Syddansk University (J. Andersen).

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Largest study of its kind on microRNAs as biomarkers of human epilepsy published... Read more

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