Bicoll © Kai Lamottke
Bicoll © Kai Lamottke

Workpackage 10: Dissemination, Training & Exploitation

  • Workpackage leader
    undefinedProf David Henshall
  • Participants
  • Objectives of the Workpackage
    • Development of a corporate identity and communication of the project to specific target audiences including clinical epileptologists, industry, life sciences researchers, advocacy and representative groups, via appropriate channels 
    • Establishment of a detailed plan for highest-impact dissemination to create demand for information, products and services generated by EpiMiRNA 
    • Optimize systems for sharing information within and outside the project 
    • Identification, management and protection of new intellectual property and mapping the commercial and research development of the project 
    • Facilitation of training and knowledge transfer activities and establishment of a bio-repository 






















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