Bicoll © Kai Lamottke
Bicoll © Kai Lamottke

Workpackage 2: MicroRNA signature of human temporal lobe epilepsy

  • Workpackage leader
    undefinedProf Hajo Hamer
  • Participants
  • Objectives of the Workpackage

    This workpackage will characterize the microRNAs that are altered in the brain and biofluids (including intracerebral microdialysis) in human focal epilepsy. Biofluid and brain tissue samples will be collected from patients who experienced seizures in neurological intensive care and epilepsy monitoring units at three clinical centres (Erlangen and Marburg in Germany and Dublin in Ireland) and analyzed for changes to microRNAs using profiling and small RNAseq during the course of the disease. This study will be in conjunction with Dixi microtechniques who will develop a new intracranial device for combined EEG and brain micro-dialysis in ICU patients.


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